7 Tips to Prepare for your Boudoir Photoshoot ♡.

1.) Try on all your OUTFITS + remove all the tags

This is essential! Depending how many outfits are included in your collection of choice, please make sure you try them all on and remove all the tags. You want to like the fit and feel comfortable in them!

2.) Come with your hair clean + dry

Hair and make-up is always included in our top collections (with lashes).

However, if we have to blow dry your hair, there will be an additional charge, so please come to your session with clean (NO PRODUCT) dry hair!

3.) Add a pop of COLOR

I can’t encourage this enough! Black is clearly the most popular lingerie color of choice, but adding a pop of color is a stunning addition to your pictures and I can’t recommend it enough!

You can shop my favorite colorful sets here.

4.) Opt for thong style bottoms over booty shorts

I promise you, thongs and g-strings photograph SO much better than booty shorts. I can make any booty look amazing so don’t worry there ;).

5.) Share your insecurities up front

If you have areas of your body that aren’t your favorite or that you truly don’t love to photograph, share that with me. I want every client to love their pictures to the moon and back – so if you have areas you want to focus more or less on, you just let me know!

6.) Bring a pair of heels

There are several poses I love to include heels in so bring a pair along – a stiletto is perferred!

7.) Get HYPED!

Your boudoir shoot is literally a day devoted to YOURSELF! It is the ultimate self care/self love/ self expression experience. Everyone is always a little nervous leading up to their session, but I promise your fears will melt away once you get rolling :)! And you will look back at the pictures and cherish the for a lifetime!


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