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Marla Chicky

Hi sweet friend!

I'm a retired lifestyle blogger who decided to drag my expensive camera out of the closet & start doing some special event photography! Boudoir quickly became the niche I fell so in love with and I'm beyond blessed to say this is my true creative passion. As a woman who has struggled with my relationship with my own body for endless years, boudoir (and our clients) has given me a space to heal.

I adore seasonal d├ęcor, snort when I laugh, and am obsessed with my bar cart (4 YEARS SOBER BABE HERE!) I'm also a fiery Leo with a huge heart and a very novice tarot card reader.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, addiction recovery advocate, and supporter of all things body liberating.

We celebrate women's rights and bodies every day here at Chicky Shoots boudoir ... because you are MAGIC.

Our NEW BOUDOIR studio

Home studio sessions are perfect for the intimacy of boudoir. You will feel comfortable + at home in this space, accompanied by lots of scented candles and a glass of bubbly. Our private studio sessions are all about creating an unforgettable and empowering experience for you!

We have moved our beloved New Jersey studio down to Annapolis, MD and we can't wait to open our doors as of summer 2024.  Our studio will be set up and taking clients via the form on our contact tab.

Annapolis, MD 


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