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Like so many photographers, you may have finally decided the boudoir genere is it for you! You loved the feeling of changing a women's body image through your pictures.

Now, let me help you turn this passion into six figures! I currently run my boudoir business while also working a full time medical sales career. I love to guide motivated female photogs who are still working full-time on how to build a 6-figure side photography hustle.

I have have a Bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware in Marketing + International Business. After working in sales for 13 years, I yearned for a creative outlet and photography lit the match. Boudoir fell into my lap and quickly became my purpose. I launched my LLC with little to no overhead 3 years ago and now want to help those looking to do the same while still keeping your full-time nest egg!

This 60-minute call is designed to get your clear on your focus but also give you the same building blocks I personally used to launch a part-time boudoir business with FULL time income!

  • 60 minute Zoom session
  • 30 day access to me via voice text for questions after
  • Access to my current pricing menu
  • Referral to my website designer

Side- Hustle ready?


Are you more of an hands on/in-person learner? Come shadow me in my Hoboken, NJ studio for a day and see exactly HOW I run a session with a beauty boudoir client from start to finish!

  • Full glam - client hair + make up
  • Lingerie selection 
  • Posing flow
  • Full editing flow + skin retouching
  • Album design and ordering 
  • Back end access to: My full pricing menu, Lightroom presets, CRM, email automation 
  • Referral to my website designer

shadow me for a day


Are you ready to take your boudoir photography business to a luxury 6-figure level? As a celebrity boudoir photographer who built my business from complete scratch, the most important thing you can offer your clients is images that are edited to the highest quality. Our Chicky Shoots Boudoir Preset Pack offers you the opportunity to give your clients truly luxury images that they will pay thousands to own! I am sure of this because I’ve used them to do it! Our Boudoir Lightroom Presets are for experienced photographers and are designed for DESKTOP ONLY! This is the true place to maximize your editing skills and deliver boudoir clients top knotch final products.

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