— PK

“Omg! The pictures came out FANTASTIC! I genuinely did not think my body could look like that! Thank you soooo much for making me feel beyond comfortable in such a raw shoot! It was soooo empowering and I’ve never felt more alive in my own skin/body and sexuality! All the angles, lighting, etc really captured all the best parts of my body! Even made the ones I am not too thrilled about EPIC! Thank you thank you and thank you! <3 “ 


“You nailed it! I broke the internet like Kim K yesterday! I swoon over your creativity and attention to detail! You’re doing big things lady, I’m so impressed!” 


“OMG I loooooove these!!! I love how you edited them they’re so beautiful. Thank you for making me feel so pretty and confident in my own skin, I could not have asked for a better boudoir experience” 


“Wow! Omg Marla this was SO fun! I loved doing this boudoir shoot. You made me feel so comfortable! I can’t stop looking at the photos and the album is BEAUTIFUL!! Totally worth doing this for myself and having these photos forever!! Thank you thank you so much!” 


“GIRL this boudoir shoot. I am obsessed with the pictures I can’t believe they turned out this good. You are so talented. I’m telling all my friends I swear. You’re incredible. I felt so confident so comfortable such a beautiful experience. Thank you again girl. I might have to do another one soon hahaha! Thank you for being the best, xxoxo,” 

Kind Words