4 Summer Summer Boudoir Tips ♡.

Summer boudoir only comes once a year and it’s the most fun to create! Here are my top tips for executing the perfect summer-themed boudoir session!

1.) Add WATER

Not to overstate the obvious but any kind of water is essential for a summer time boudoir session! So borrow a friend’s pool, get a hose, or just grab a spray bottle and give your skin a quick spritz. Body/tanning oil is also a great substitute.

2.) Add FRUIT

Fruit is a colorful + sexy addition to any summer boudoir session! I personally recommend oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit or watermelon. Squeeze and bite for full effect!

3.) Add ICE POPS

Just like fruit, ice pops are one of my favorite summer boudoir props – especially when you let them melt a little, the droplets look amazing in pictures.

4.) Go fully natural / no make-up

Summer boudoir is the time to embrace a natural face and some beachy hair. Ditch the excessive glam/lashes/hair extensions and bare it all. This is the time to wet your hair ;).

Enjoy all the spicy boudoir pictures below from my summer 2023 gallery!


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