2 Time Boudoir Client Shares Her Experience ♡.

I was thrilled when my beautiful client Kristine decided to do an interview sharing what her boudoir experience with us was like! She is a mom of 4 beautiful daughters and waited over a YEAR before finally committing to doing a boudoir session with me. Since then, she’s been in the studio for a second time where we did some 40th birthday boudoir celebrations!

Kristine and I were able to chat about how meaningful boudoir photography has been to her. She recently underwent weight loss surgery and hit her goal of losing 60 pounds! Since boudoir can be an investment, she budgeted for months before her session. We chatted through Instagram direct message for quite some time and she finally took the plunge and booked!

I cherish her so much as a client and felt so honored we were able to share boudoir together. As a mom, wife, and gastric sleeve warrior her boudoir experience was the icing on the cake in honoring her body.

Someone recently told me “mom’s need boudoir photos more than anyone”, and this is so incedibly true. Motherhood changes you so much physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many moms put their wants/needs/desires totally on the back burner for years while they raise children. They sacrifice absolutely everything they have to give their children the best life humanely possible.

Boudoir finally allows mothers to gain something back for themselves that’s been hiding in the shadows.

I’m so blessed to honor motherhood through boudoir daily.

Enjoy a sneak peak at Kristine’s beautiful gallery!


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